This page contains link to the lectures I give throughout the semester. Clicking the title of the week’s lecture will go to a PDF, embedded in the user’s browser, by default. The bottom right icons link to the Github directory for the lecture (), the R Markdown document for the lecture (), and a PDF, embedded on Github, for the lecture ().

  • Syllabus Day (i.e. Welcome)
    tl;dr: This lecture discusses the syllabus and outlines course expectations for the rest of the semester.      
  • Scientific Study of Politics
    tl;dr: This is a gentle lecture on how to think about the study of politics scientifically.      
  • EITM and Science as Simplification
    tl;dr: Another gentle lecture, this one on hypothetico-deductivism and the EITM framework.      
  • How to Do a Literature Review
    tl;dr: Cribbed from a blog post and 2014 presentation, here's how I recommend students approach a literature review.      
  • On Theory-Writing
    tl;dr: A discussion of some techniques to theory-writing, the hardest part of the research process (I think).      
  • Defining Concepts
    tl;dr: A discussion of politics is ultimately conceptual. Political *science* entails operationalizing those concepts.      
  • Reliability and Validity
    tl;dr: Ideally our measures are supposed to--consistently--capture the true concept without measuring anything else.      
  • Defining and Measuring Variables
    tl;dr: Measurement is the heart of science. Let's talk about how we can categorize measurement.      
  • Central Tendency and Dispersion
    tl;dr: We can describe variables by reference to what is typical and how typical is "typical."      
  • Framing Hypotheses
    tl;dr: A quick primer on hypotheses, how to do them, and how not to do them.      
  • Making Comparisons
    tl;dr: A discussions of types of relationships between variables and how to make comparisons between them.